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Wedding Vendor Advertising Southeast Texas 

SETX Weddings Provides an Online Bridal Fair, 365 days a year

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SETX Weddings is an online magazine covering the Southeast Texas wedding scene for Beaumont area brides year round.

The site also serves as an online Beaumont bridal fair that vendors and Southeast Texas brides can utilize 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Beaumont wedding vendors receive the following marketing elements on vendor advertising Orange Tx, bridal magazine Golden Triangle

  • Custom marketing articles detailing your services for Southeast Texas brides and letting them know what makes your business special
  • Banner ads on each page of the site – 24/7. You may have noticed on other sites that sometimes your ad is up and sometimes it isn’t. Essentially the site is trying not to “over deliver” and give you more impressions than they promised. SETX Weddings is all about helping you grow your The more Southeast Texas brides that find your business the better.
  • Social Media Posts to SETX Weddings followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. SETX Weddings will monitor your website and social media to keep Beaumont area brides up to speed on you and your wedding vendors Southeast Texas, wedding reception Kountze, wedding news Beaumont Txbusiness.
  • Best in the Golden Triangle SEO services. You hear the term thrown around and everyone says they offer it. What is SEO? Search Engine, O Essentially, making it easier for your next client to find you on internet searches. SETX Weddings has mastered search engine optimization in Southeast Texas. Perform a Google search for terms like SETX wedding linen rental, bridal salon Hardin County, wedding jewelry Southeast Texas, Southeast Texas wedding band, Southeast Texas rehearsal dinner venue, or SETX wedding reception ideas and you consistently see SETX Weddings clients multiple times in the top 5 search results – you rarely see anyone else appear more than once and many do not appear at all. SETX Weddings provides the best SEO for Southeast Texas wedding vendors hands down – and online is where Southeast Texas brides find wedding vendors.

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SETX Weddings is also the host of the Beaumont Bridal Fair.

The event brings top wedding vendors from across the Golden Triangle and beyond to Beaumont for a first-class wedding expo.

Southeast Texas Brides come to meet wedding professionals face to face and to start the process of planning their weddings.

Are you ready to meet more brides? can help.

Call to set up your SETX Advertising consultation today.

  • Daryl Fant, Publisher Host, Southeast Texas Bridal Expo Series
  • (512) 567-8068

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Do you have questions about advertising in Southeast Texas? We’d love to help you find advertising that is just right for you.

That is what SETX Advertising is all about.

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