Market to Southeast Texas Contractors at the 2017 AGC Washer Tournament

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AGC Southeast Texas Logo - Contractor Advertising Beaumont TxMarket to Southeast Texas Contractors – 2016 AGC Washer Tournament

On today’s Southeast Texas Advertising Tips, we look at a great way to reach SETX contractors.

The AGC of Southeast Texas is getting ready to host their Annual Washer Tournament.

In The Golden Triangle, contractors are a real driving force in the economy.

They buy:

  • Southeast Texas commercial and fleet vehicles: Diesel pickups, plumbing vans, bucket trucks for electricians and tree trimming companies, dump trucks, crane trucks for Southeast Texas commercial sign companies, and more.
  • SETX Building materials: concrete, cement, paving stone, sand, lumber, re-bar, slate, brick, PVC pipe, sinks, toilets, mirrors, the list is endless.
  • Home and Commercial Office Furnishings: conference tables, desk chairs, computer desks, coffee machines, refrigerators, water heaters, live plants, fake plants, sculptures, art, antiques, collectibles…
  • Southeast Texas communications equipment and technology: laptop computers, desktop computers, tablets, cell phones, employee time clocks, digital projectors, laser levels, even fax machines.
  • SETX alarms and security systems: commercial fire alarms, industrial fire suppression technology, mass notification systems, hospital call buttons, door intercoms, professional sound equipment, video surveillance, and closed circuit TV.


As you can see, whatever your business – contractors are great clients.

If you’d like some one on one time with them, join them for an evening of entertainment Thursday October 15:

  • AGC of Southeast Texas Washer Tournament
  • Washer Tournament Sponsorships and Teams Available through the SETX AGC.
  • 5:30 PM Start

Washer Tournament Beaumont TX, washers Beaumont TX, washer boards Beaumont TX, washer game Beaumont TX

Visit for additional details.

You can effectively advertise your business to Southeast Texas contractors.

Being involved with the AGC is a great place to start.

AGC Port Arthur - Industrial Advertising Southeast Texas

An additional resource is advertising with Refined Magazine. The magazine covers the full spectrum of commercial and industrial construction and real estate in The Golden Triangle.

The magazine is a resource the Southeast Texas commercial real estate community in print, social media, and online.

Check out their website for breaking news and enhanced versions of their magazine articles.

Want more information?

industrial magazine Beaumont TX, Refined Magazine, business to business marketing Southeast Texas


We hope you have enjoyed today’s edition of Southeast Texas Advertising Tips, Market to Southeast Texas Contractors – 2016 AGC Washer Tournament.

Stay tuned for additional SETX advertising resources.

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