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Christian Advertising Media Southeast TexasSETX Church Guide

Christian Business Marketing SETX Church Guide is a Wonderful Resource for the Golden Triangle Christian Community.

For Christian businesses, advertising in Southeast Texas can be a challenge.

Most Southeast Texas Christian businesses don’t want their advertising dollars in TV programming that includes swearing or sexual Christian businesses advertising in Beaumont Txsituations. Even if you like the radio station, you don’t want to hear your ad right before a song that boasts of excessive drinking, sexual conquests, or fighting (I know most of us think of rap or pop music, but country music can match them lyric for lyric).  What about billboards? Maybe they can squeeze your ad between one for a Vodka company and one with a one hundred foot tall woman in a very small bikini?

Wouldn’t it would be great if you could advertise in Southeast Texas somewhere that featured Good News? Would you like to advertise with a Southeast Texas advertising media resource that highlighted the Christian ministries that are working to strengthen our community 365 days a year?

That is what SETX Church Guide offers Southeast Texas Christian advertisers – a place to effectively advertise where you can feel good about the response your ad dollars generate for your business and for the quality of content you are sponsoring.

SETX Church Guide operates as an online Christian magazine for Southeast Texas. With over 400 local articles each year, no Southeast Texas media outlet has been more dedicated to telling the stories of Southeast Texas churches and Christians.

Christian advertising in Beaumont Tx

On a random day we audited the stories on the home page and here is what we found:

  • An article on the Divorce ministry of First Baptist Nederland
  • Information for SETX moms about a children’s entrepreneurship event hosted by Central Mall
  • Children’s ministry article about locally sourcing t-shirts for Southeast Texas VBS programs
  • An educational blog about the history of our flag for the 4th of July by April Anderson, a popular local Christian blogger and abstinence ministry leader.
  • Southeast Texas Christian event article with details about the Wildwood Baptist Church Back to School Bash
  • Details for Hardin County moms about the July SETX VBS at First Christian Church Sour Lake
  • Information about a Southeast Texas Christian couples ministry event coming to the Big Thicket.

As you can see, that is a diverse amount of information for a single day – and all of it appropriate content for Southeast Texas advertisers who own or operate Christian businesses.

Christian businesses advertising Beaumont Tx

Would you like details about advertising on SETX Church Guide?

They would love to work with you.

We hope you enjoyed today’s feature, Christian Business MarketingSETX Church Guide is a Wonderful Resource for the Golden Triangle Christian Community.

Christian businesses can advertise effectively in Southeast Texasand well within budget.

SETX Church Guide can help.

Christian business marketing Beaumont Tx

We hope you have enjoyed today’s Southeast Texas advertising article.

SETX Advertising is all about helping Southeast Texas advertisers find their “just right” advertising media.

Are you still looking for the right Southeast Texas media outlet to advertise your business? Stay tuned to SETX Advertising for upcoming articles or EM to set up a complimentary consultation:

At SETX Advertising, we “aim” to keep your advertising ON TARGET!

Christian Advertising Beaumont Tx

Are you a Southeast Texas Christian business?

Call today to find out how SETX Church Guide can help you grow your business with the Southeast Texas Christian and church community.

Church Vendors Southeast Texas

Christian business advertising Southeast Texas

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