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Church and Christian Event Marketing for Beaumont and Southeast Texas

SETX Church Guide is dedicated to telling the stories of the Golden Triangle Christian Life.

When Southeast Texas advertisers are trying to reach Christian families, they long faced a tough challenge.

Southeast Texas Christian families are well known for turning off the TV when actors start cursing, for shunning mainstream radio, and for avoiding questionable media content in general.

Three years ago, the Southeast Texas advertising community received a strong ally when SETX Church Guide was launched.

SETX Church Guide offered Southeast Texas Christian families an online magazine that catered to their values and interests.


On any given day, SETX Church Guide will cover:

  • Southeast Texas home school tips and information
  • Promotion of upcoming Wednesday and Sunday night events for churches across the Golden Triangle
  • Information about fellowship events at different community churches
  • Profiles of Southeast Texas Christian businesses and business owners
  • Reviews of events and products available locally to SETX Christian families
  • Upcoming Southeast Texas Christian concerts, comedians, and entertainers
  • Profiles of SETX Christian schools, Mothers Day Out, and day care programs

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They have a robust following online and in social media (primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

For a long time, they were subsidized by a handful of local Christian businesses, but it is hard to keep a popular news medium a secret. Larger Southeast Texas advertisers have begun utilizing the site.

SETX Church Guide is glad to have them. The more paid advertising the site has, the more small regional churches and nonprofits they can cover pro bono.

If your business would like to attract Southeast Texas Christian families and business owners, they can be hard to reach in the traditional media.

Schedule a consultation with SETX Church Guide and talk to them about what they do and if it will help you achieve your SETX marketing goals.

Christian Advertising Beaumont Tx

SETX Church Guide provides the following marketing elements for their Southeast Texas advertising clients:

  • Custom Marketing Articles. Whether you’re promoting your church’s upcoming Easter play or trying to attract Southeast Texas
    Christian families to your bank or credit union, SETX Church Guide can custom write articles that highlight what you do and why it is of interest to their audience. They have had great success promoting new vehicle sales for one of the large Southeast Texas car dealerships.
  • Banner Ads. The SETX Church Guide system is prized by Southeast Texas advertisers because your banner is up on each page of their site 24/7. You’re not rotating around and then disappearing the way you do on some sites. Your ad is easy for their readers to find all day every day.
  • Social Media. Being somewhat isolated from other media, Southeast Texas Christian families (women in particular) are especially active on social media. When they start sharing posts about your event, product, or service the numbers really climb – and your phone starts to ring.
  • Sponsorship of Articles About Your Church or Favorite Charity. SETX Church Guide writes A LOT of articles for local churches and nonprofits, many that do not have a marketing budget. Advertisers can ask to sponsor articles for their church, churches in their trade area, or for their preferred charity organization. When SETX Church Guide writes articles about those organizations, you receive a thank-you paragraph for your sponsorship and a link to your website or one custom created for you on SETX Church Guide.
  • Search Engine Optimization. You hear a lot of people talk about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SETX Church Guide delivers for their clients day in and day out. Try a Google Search for terms like: Southeast Texas church landscaping, SETX Vacation Bible School Calendar, or church sign company Southeast Texas, and you’ll get a feel for the way they can help their clients dominate the internet landscape.

Christian Advertising Southeast Texas

Best of all, Southeast Texas advertisers like the marketing value they get with SETX Church Guide.

Sponsorship levels are $95 per month, $195 per month, or $495 per month with no hidden fees.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature, Christian Advertising Southeast Texas – SETX Church Guide is dedicated to telling the stories of the Golden Triangle Christian Life.

If you’re looking to reach Southeast Texas Christian families, churches, or SETX Christian business owners call SETX Church Guide.

  • Daryl Fant, Publisher SETX Church Guide
  • Do you have questions about growing your church or advertising your Christian business? (512) 567-8068
  • Email Questions to

SETX Church Guide would love to help you reach your target marketing audience effectively and on budget.

As Southeast Texas advertisers, isn’t that what we are all looking for?


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