Southeast Texas Networking Breakfast – KAT Excavation & Construction August 10th

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Golden Triangle Networking CalendarKAT Excavation & Construction August 10th

Southeast Texas networking events can be a key tool in growing your business. networking breakfast Beaumont TX, networking breakfast Southeast Texas, networking breakfast SETX, networking breakfast Golden Triangle TX, networking event Beaumont TX

A Better Business Bureau networking breakfast can be a great way to jumpstart your day.

Join the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Texas:

  • KAT Excavation & Construction Networking Breakfast
  • 16531 Highway 105 in Sour Lake
  • Thursday, August 10th
  • 7:30am

KAT Excavation & Construction is a key player in the Southeast Texas construction and oilfield sector.

Their services include:

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  1. Bring lots of business cards. What does it cost your business if you make a connection and don’t have a card so they potential client can Networking Beaumont TX, networking Southeast Texas, networking event Beaumont TX, networking event Southeast Texas, SETX networking events, Golden Triangle networking opportunitiesfollow up? SETX Advertising tip: Always be ready to give a card when asked. Never give a card if you have not been asked – building a relationship takes time. It’s about more than throwing a lot of cards around to potential clients or referral partners who are not ready for them yet. 
  2. Keep it social. No one is attending the event to buy – so we’re not attending the event to sell. We are looking to start or grow a relationship with potential clients and even more importantly potential referral partners – people who can recommend us to their friends and clients month after month, year after year. Talk about family, common interests, or take the initiative and ask what you can do to help them.
  3. Keep moving. Even experienced Southeast Texas networkers find it comfortable to talk with people they already know (and like!). That is fine for a while, but a big part of networking is meeting and getting to know new people. Try to keep conversations to about five minutes and then introduce yourself to someone new.
  4. Set a networking goal. How many people do you want to meet? What kind of companies? What job titles? Set a goal for each event and grade yourself afterwards. What can you do differently or better next time to make the time investment more valuable?

Are you looking for ways to meet new potential clients and to develop strong referral partners?

Don’t miss this special Golden Triangle networking event.

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Schedule a free consultation to talk with us about Southeast Texas advertising designed to reach your EXACT target demographic – and to stay within your marketing budget.

  • Daryl Fant. SETX Advertising
  • (512) 567-8068

Are you ready to grow your business in Southeast Texas?

Golden Triangle networking events can be an important marketing tool.

Find them right here – on

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Would you like to know more about KAT Excavation & Construction? Click here for their website.

Get to know them in person at their BBB of Southeast Texas networking breakfast.

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