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Southeast Texas Advertising Media 

Southeast Texas Family Magazine helps advertisers reach women 18-54

One of the challenges faced by many businesses is finding effective opportunities to advertise to women in Southeast Texas.

Today, women in the Golden Triangle often balance careers, marriage, and raising children.

This minimizes the time they can meaningfully engage with media like TV and old fashioned newspapers.

Many Southeast Texas advertisers are turning to more targeted print media, online magazines, and social media to market to women.

Women don’t have time for “fluff” – generic articles repurposed for local publications or information they cannot act on locally.

They are looking for goods, events, or services, that they can enjoy right here in the Golden Triangle:

  • Golden Triangle events they can experience themselves, with their children, or on “date night.”
  • Businesses that cater to women, children, and families – private schools, car dealerships, salons, boutiques, resale stores, banks, tutorial services, Southeast Texas credit unions, pediatricians, dentists, and orthodontists.
  • SETX Products & Services that will help make their hectic lives more manageable – house cleaning companies, meal preparation, someone to help them care for their aging parents, lawn services, dry cleaning companies, and family friendly restaurants (children’s discounts & delivery are popular requests from SETX moms).

Hyper local digital publications like The Southeast Texas Family Magazine (print and social media) and SETX Weddings (digital magazine and social media) are providing an effective means of delivering women to Southeast Texas advertisers.

Advertising to women in Beaumont Tx

Today, we are taking a look at these media and how they can help local business advertise to women in Southeast Texas.

Part I. Reach Southeast Texas Women and Families on

The Southeast Texas Family Magazine has been serving both Moms and advertisers in the Golden Triangle market for several years. The magazine was founded to help women find events and businesses that cater to them and their families. The publication has flourished, doubling in size over the past year. Articles cover a wide range of topics from spotlights on family service providers, previews of family friendly events, and a series on “getting outdoors with your child”.

The Southeast Texas Family Magazine reflects the interests and passions of it’s owners Jessica and Daryl Fant who live in the Wildwood Resort City community at the edge of Hardin and Tyler Counties. They are small business owners, homeschoolers, and passionate about life balance issues. Southeast Texas Family provides space for a monthly calendar that is paired down to items of interest to women – activities they can do with their kids, husband, or girlfriends. The magazine also includes monthly articles on upcoming Southeast Texas family festivals and events, SETX nonprofit organizations that serve children, Southeast Texas private schools, and SETX businesses that cater to women and children.

The magazine covers all four Southeast Texas counties and is published monthly.

With women making so many financial decisions today, most businesses would do well to focus a significant portion of their Southeast Texas advertising dollars on reaching women.

Advertising to Southeat Texas women

  • SETX Women often make health care provider decisions for three generations. They choose pediatricians and children’s dentists for their children, doctors and hospitals for themselves and their husband, and are often very involved with medical decisions for their parents and their in-laws from choosing the right Southeast Texas medicare advantage plan to making arrangements with Southeast Texas hospice services and home health agencies.
  • Women across Southeast Texas typically make the purchase decisions for their vehicles, their children’s vehicles, and have input on if and when their husband is able to buy a new vehicle. At a recent meeting of the BNI Southeast Texas Networkers, SETX Advertising asked women if they were the primary decision maker for the purchase of their vehicle. Unanimously, they were. They also coordinate (and fund) vehicle purchases for their teenage children. Look at a Southeast Texas private school parking lot such as Legacy Christian Academy or Kelly High School in Beaumont. On any given day, there are over a million dollars worth of vehicles in the parking lots – driven by the students. These aren’t the same kind of vehicles we drove to high school. You’ll see new Mustangs, BMWs, Volkswagens, lifted pick up trucks, and lots of Jeeps (popular with both boys and girls). Southeast Texas women typically have the majority influence on these Southeast Texas vehicle purchases- when the vehicle is purchased, the budget, and from which Southeast Texas auto dealership.hardin-county-motors
  • Women in Southeast Texas have become the primary managers of family finances. Are you socializing with other couples this week? Perform an informal experiment. Ask a man and his wife what their credit scores is, what their current credit card balances are, or how much money is currently in the college savings accounts. Today, overwhelmingly it is the woman who has a handle on the family finances. Southeast Texas women most often choose which Southeast Texas credit union or bank will have their family accounts, sets them up, and manages monthly financial decisions.
  • SETX women are the decision makers for new home purchases. The woman chooses the Southeast Texas Realtor who will show them homes, the neighborhood they will live in, does the paperwork with a Southeast Texas credit union, bank, or mortgage company for their home loan pre-approval, and works hand in hand with the Realtor to compile the short list of houses for consideration. Men in Southeast Texas do have some input and veto power, but in most cases Southeast Texas women are the primary decision makers for new home purchases in Southeast Texas.

Whether you’re looking to sell a $70 pair of jeans at your boutique, to build your Southeast Texas medical practice, or to put families in a new Escalade, Nissan Maxima, or minivan, you’d be wise to reach out to Southeast Texas moms. From decisions from a $10 pair of swim goggles to a $300,000 home, Southeast Texas family financial decisions are coordinated by Southeast Texas moms.

Advertise to women Jefferson County Tx

If you’d like to target moms in the Golden Triangle, schedule a Southeast Texas marketing appointment with the Southeast Texas Family Magazine: 

  • Daryl Fant, Publisher
  • (512) 567-8068

Part II Reach Single Women in the Golden Triangle with the Online Magazine

Married moms control a great number of Southeast Texas family financial decisions. What about single women (who are often also moms)?

Single women are an excellent demo for Southeast Texas advertisers.

They are similar to married women, but with the advantage for advertisers of being true exclusive decision makers. This is a very valuable category for Southeast Texas advertisers – a demo that holds 100% of the buying decision power, making purchase decisions from $5 to $250,000 without input from any other decision makers. 

SETX Advertising

Single women make a number of financial decisions that are valuable to SETX advertisers.

  • Choosing an apartment, rent house, or new home purchase.
  • Purchasing a new vehicle
  • Choosing home, life, health, and auto insurance
  • Opening a bank account or becoming a member of a Southeast Texas credit unions
  • Coordinating loans for SETX vehicle purchases, home purchases, and remodeling projects.
  • Choosing a physician or Southeast Texas medical facility.
Nissan of Silsbee

Single women hold 100% of the decision making power for their new vehicle.

Targeting single women now, also gives you an excellent opportunity at converting all of the other parties single women will eventually take responsibility for – their future spouse, children, their aging parents, and their future in-laws as they step into assist in coordinating home care, SETX home health agencies, Southeast Texas Medicare Advantage Plans, and Southeast Texas hospice services. is a great way to reach single women in Southeast Texas, particularly as they enter the 1-3 year period leading up to their wedding.

During this time they continue to be the primary decision maker for their household, and they are also the primary decision maker for their wedding.

Even more importantly, they are beginning the process of becoming the decision makers for an entire family.

SETX Weddings operates as:

  • A digital magazine for Southeast brides. With over 300 local articles covering wedding trends,  SETX wedding and reception venues, popular wedding themes, decoration ideas, Southeast Texas restaurants for rehearsal dinners, and providing insight on services offered by a broad spectrum of Southeast Texas wedding vendors, no other single or combined media provide an equivalent information stream for Southeast Texas brides.
  • An online Southeast Texas bridal fair. SETX brides do love bridal fairs – and they are a valuable tool for getting to know Southeast Texas wedding vendors, SETX wedding and receptions vendors, and getting visual ideas for creating your dream wedding and reception. Unfortunately, they only happen 2-3 times a year and Southeast Texas brides have super hectic schedules – work, school, and other responsibilities. SETX Weddings puts a Southeast Texas bridal fair online for brides and keeps adding to it 52 weeks a year. With SETX Weddings, you can attend an online SETX bridal fair 365 days a year.

If you’re looking to advertise to Southeast Texas brides or to single women in the Golden Triangle, SETX Weddings can be a valuable tool.

Call today to schedule your Southeast Texas marketing consultation.

Whether you’re looking to boost apartment leases, new car sales, or to grow your reputation as a top Southeast Texas wedding vendor, is a great value.

SETX Advertising

If you’re looking for an opportunity to advertise to women in Southeast Texas, hyper local Southeast Texas marketing media like SETX Weddings and The Southeast Texas Kids Directory Magazine can help.

You can effectively target women in Southeast Texas and say on budget.

Let us help.

  • Daryl Fant, SETX Advertising
  • (512) 567-8068

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