Marketing for Beaumont Restaurants – Taste of the Triangle

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Restaurant Advertising Beaumont TX

Get Your Booth for the 2018 Taste of Triangle on Fat Tuesday

Food and Beverage Events Beaumont TX: The Taste of the Triangle is a valuable advertising opportunity for Golden Triangle restaurants, caterers, wineries, breweries, and event venues.

The annual food and beverage showcase is a charity fundraiser (including scholarships to Lamar culinary programs) hosted by the Sabine Area Restaurant Association.

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What can you expect from the Taste of the Triangle?

Restaurants will showcase their top dishes and drinks. You serve small portions to attendees educate them on your signature culinary style. A steakhouse might serve slivers of rare ribeye on toast points. A Cajun restaurant might serve a sample cup of gumbo or tiny boudaiFat Tuesday Beaumont TX, marketing evens Southeast Texas, Golden Triangle events, Beaumont event calendar, Southeast Texas foodies, Texas craft beer events, Texas wine tasting,n balls. There will be a number of craft breweries and wineries providing samples as well.

Southeast Texas foodies purchase tickets from the Beaumont Civic Center Ticket office or their website and it entitles them to a full night of entertainment – samples of the signature dishes from a wide variety of Southeast Texas restaurants and caterers, live music from Recording Artist Paul Childers, and samples of wine, beer, coffee, and soft drinks.

This is a special Beaumont festival – especially for our SETX foodies – and one that gets a little better every year.


From a restaurant advertising perspective, you have the opportunity to have over 1,000 Southeast Texans try your best dishes in a single event. You’ll see a lot of the faces come back to your restaurant or venue again and again.

If you’re looking for a memorable advertising activity, we’ll see you February 13th for The Taste of The Triangle.

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This year, help Southeast Texas celebrate Fat Tuesday and take advantage of an opportunity to grow your business.

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Make this a Southeast Texas Fat Tuesday to remember – and grow your business through the Taste of the Triangle.

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