Southeast Texas Advertisers Reach Senior Citizens through, an Online Magazine for 55+

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Southeast Texas Advertising Tips –

SETX Seniors and the Southeast Texas Senior Resource Guide help you reach the coveted 55+ demo across the Golden Triangle.

For Southeast Texas advertisers, senior citizens (55+) are a money demo.

Essentially, they have the cash and credit to purchase goods and services from entertainment event tickets to new vehicles ansenior citizen marketing Beaumont Tx, senior advertising Southeast Texas, SETX senior magazine, senior news Golden Triangled vacation homes (in our neighborhood some SETX seniors even purchase homes for their grown children).

They often choose to pay cash for major purchases including golf carts, jewelry, home furniture and accessories, and new vehicles.

Louisiana casinos love Southeast Texas seniors for their perfect blend of available free time and expendable income.

They can be challenging for Southeast Texas advertisers to reach.

Many are abandoning daily newspapers complaining of “old news” or a lack of local content, take great pride in figuring out how to skip television commercials with their DVR, and avoid many of the Southeast Texas radio stations as “noise” (A number are loyal to KLVI and many like the classic country station that comes in from Houston).

There are some places to reach seniors in the Golden Triangle – The Examiner Newspaper does well with them as do local TV news and a few cable networks including Fox News.

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One consistent place to effectively reach Southeast Texas seniors with your marketing message – and to stay in budget – is

The site offers an online magazine for Southeast Texas senior citizens, senior service providers, and the grown children of seniors.

For seniors, the site offers a wealth of information – 400 local articles each year covering everything from exercise classes for Southeast Texas seniors through home health and hospice.

For Southeast Texas advertisers, bundles a number of desirable marketing elements and makes them available at a very attractive price.

Their core services for SETX advertisers include:

  • Some of the best SEO in Southeast Texas. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if potential clients can’t advertise to seniors Beaumont Tx, senior magazine Beaumont Tx, senior newspaper Beaumont TX, senior news Beaumont TXfind it you won’t have the success you deserve. Some people talk about Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the real deal for Southeast Texas advertisers. Try it now. Search for popular terms on Google like hospice testimonial Port Arthur, low income senior apartments Orange County Tx, Women’s Alzheimer Residence Beaumont Tx, 2016 Nissan Maxima Southeast Texas, 2016 Nissan Titan Southeast Texas, Senior Health News Southeast Texas, or Medicare Advantage Plan questions SETX, and you’ll see how they help their clients be EASY for Southeast Texas seniors to find online.
  • YOUR Banner Ads on every page. Some Southeast Texas advertising websites only have your ad on certain pages or for a certain period of time. Essentially, they are trying to make sure they don’t deliver more views for your ad than they promised. That’s not the SETX Seniors method. They have your ad on every page of their site every day. Not only that, if you don’t have a company website to direct your SETX Seniors ad to they will build one for you on their site at no additional charge. You don’t get service like that very many places.
  • Custom Marketing Articles. Not everyone buys a product or service for the same reason. The more a prospective customer knows about you the more likely they are to find a reason to make a purchase. On you get big, beautiful, custom marketing articles that highlight what you do and why it is a great value. Over time, SETX Seniors creates a very educated base of potential customers that begin converting to actual customers – and they are an easier sale for you because they know A LOT about your business. An educated consumer is easy on your sales and customer service reps.
  • Social Media. As Southeast Texas advertisers, we all say we are going to “master” social media. For some of us that means dedicating an employee to social media (a tremendous expense) or trying to catch up when we realize that it has been weeks since we made a post. SETX Seniors has a dedicated team of KNOWLEDGEABLE social media experts who will send Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to their followers on your behalf. After the initial consultation, SETX Seniors does everything so you don’t have to stress out of it and you don’t have an employee’s salary and benefits dedicated to trying to negotiate social media for your company. Your social media posts hit your exact target audience and you never lift a finger.

    For advertisers, this approach is SETX social media marketing bliss.

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Southeast Texas Advertising Tips –

Southeast Texas advertisers can effectively reach Seniors across The Golden Triangle. can help you reach your target audience on budget and with absolutely no stress on your part.

Isn’t that the way your Southeast Texas advertising should be?

Call and set up your SETX Advertising consultation today:

  • Daryl Fant, SETX Seniors
  • (512) 567-8068
  • SETXSeniors@gmailcom

advertise to senior citizens Southeast Texas, senior marketing Beaumont Tx, senior magazine Beaumont Tx, senior newspaper Beaumont TX

Online magazines aren’t just for teens and young adults – find out how you can reach seniors online with

SETX Seniors also offers a wonderful print magazine, The SETX Seniors Resource Guide.

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature, Southeast Texas Advertising Tips – helps you reach the coveted 55+ demo across the Golden Triangle.

Are you looking for more Southeast Texas Senior Marketing resources?

Stay tuned.

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