Beaumont Bridal Fair – March 25th at the Holiday Inn & Suites Beaumont Plaza

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Southeast Texas Wedding EventsBeaumont Bridal Fair

Are you looking for help taking your wedding planning to the next level?bridal jewelry Beaumont TX, SET wedding jewelry, Beaumont Bridal Fair, Bridal Extravaganza Beaumont Tx, Southeast Texas Bridal Show

The Beaumont Bridal Fair will bring brides right to your booth where you can showcase your services. .

Talk with them one on one and fill your calendar.

The next Southeast Texas Bridal Expo Series event will be:

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Come visit the Holiday Inn & Suites Beaumont Plaza where brides will line up to meet:

  • Bridal Show Beaumont TX, Bridal Expo Houston TX, Bridal Extravaganza Houston, Wedding show Port ArthurGolden Triangle Caterers
  • Restaurants for SETX Rehearsal Dinners
  • Southeast Texas Wedding Planners
  • Wedding Venues: Southeast Texas, East Texas, Southwest Louisiana
  • Bridal Galleries – Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange, Vidor
  • Wedding Photographers & Bridal Portrait Photographers
  • Bakeries – Wedding Cakes & Grooms Cakes
  • Jewelers – Fine Jewelers & Costume Jewelry
  • Southeast Texas Travel Agents, Honeymoon Planners, Honeymoon Gift Registry
  • Golden Triangle Wedding DJs & Wedding Bands
  • Beaumont / Port Arthur Wedding Designers
  • SETX Photo Booths
  • Specialty Catering: Popcorn Bars, Ice Cream, Margarita Machines, Ice Sculptures

Click here for the Beaumont Bridal Fair Facebook Event Page.

  • Daryl Fant, Southeast Texas Bridal Expo Series: Beaumont, Houston, Mid County
  • (512) 567-8068

We look forward to introducing you to some wonderful Southeast Texas brides

The event is designed to help you fill your wedding calendar this year!

You will enjoy quality face time with Golden Triangle brides.

Would you like to join our team of SETX bridal fair vendors? Click here.


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Southeast Texas Advertising Tip: Beaumont wedding vendors reach more brides on Tips Beaumont Tx, wedding vendor Beaumont Tx, wedding vendor Orange TX, SETX wedding vendor

SETX Weddings provides more Southeast Texas wedding news and information to brides than any other media –more than all other media in the Golden Triangle combined.

SETX Weddings provides over 250 articles each year for Southeast Texas brides. Nothing else even comes close.

The articles feature a full range of information for Southeast Texas wedding planning from reception ideas to bachelorette party planning.

For brides, SETX Weddings provides updated local wedding  planning information several times a week. Many busy brides “Like” SETX Weddings on Facebook or follow them on Twitter or Instagram to receive updates on their cell phone or Ipad.

For Beaumont wedding vendors, SETX Weddings provides targeted advertising to brides year round. You focus on your business and SETX Weddings focuses on promoting your service to Golden Triangle brides.

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Helping you find a media that can help you reach your exact target audience and allow you to focus on running your business is about the best SETX advertising tip we can offer.

SETX Weddings provides the following marketing elements for their Southeast Texas wedding vendors:

  • Custom marketing articles. When you decide to move forward, SETX Weddings will ask you questions to get a detailed understanding of your business. They will work throughout the year to provide new articles each month highlighting the benefits of your company to their Southeast Texas brides.
  • True Southeast Texas SEO. SEO is probably the single most important advertising tool – and the one many Beaumont wedding vendors don’t fully understand. SEO stands for Search Engine O Essentially, well done wedding vendor advertising Beaumont Tx, wedding vendor SETX, SEO makes it easy for brides to find you online – and online is where brides look for information. If a bride types “Golden Triangle Wedding Venues” on her phone, what does she see? As of the writing of this article, she would see four articles featuring SETX Weddings clients and then information about Chicago, Thailand, and other areas with a Golden Triangle. SETX Weddings dominates local SEO for Southeast Texas wedding vendors.
  • Banner Ads – 24/7. Lots of Southeast Texas advertising media offer banner ads. They can be a great way for advertisers to find you when they are looking at related content. Many Southeast Texas media companies take your banner ad up and down throughout the month. Why??? They are trying to make sure they don’t give you too many ad impressions? Umm, what? That doesn’t seem right. That is not how works. SETX Weddings wants you to grow your business all day every day. On we leave your banner ad up day and night 365 days a year.
  • Stress free Southeast Texas social media campaigns. Social media is for real. It can be a great way for new clients to find you and to strengthen your relationship with previous clients. You’re in the wedding vendor business however, not the social media business. Most Beaumont area wedding vendors find it a challenge to keep up with their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and to provide interesting content to brides. SETX Weddings IS in the social media business. They send regular posts to their followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram promoting your business. You don’t have to list a finger. Now that’s stress free Southeast Texas social media!

Essentially, SETX Weddings serves as part online Southeast Texas bridal magazine and part online Beaumont bridal fair that brides can access 24/7.

Golden Triangle wedding vendors can advertise effectively to Southeast Texas brides.

SETX Weddings can help.

Call today to put the power of SETX Weddings to work for you:

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We hope today’s Southeast Texas Advertising Tip will help you grow your business.

Matching Southeast Texas advertisers with the right SETX advertising media is what we’re all about.

Do you have additional Southeast Texas advertising questions? Call 512-567-8068 any time.

We’d love to help you.

Stay tuned for more SETX Advertising Tips right here on

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