Advertise Your Commercial Services in The Golden Triangle – Southeast Texas Refined Magazine Can Help!

Business to Business MarketingSoutheast Texas Refined Magazine


Are you looking to effectively advertise your commercial services in The Golden Triangle?

Plumbers, electricians, pest control companies, janitorial services, and security firms have a wonderful SETX advertising resource in Southeast Texas Refined Magazine.

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In the print version of this great business to business magazine for Southeast Texas, each edition:

  • Profiles a major player in the Golden Triangle Commercial Real Estate Market – a property developer, a respected Commercial Realtor, or a general contractor who is helping build our region.
  • Profiles businesses that serve the SETX commercial and industrial sector: commercial landscaping, air conditioning, alarm and security firms, CPA firms, waste management companies…
  • Highlights a geographic region within the market and focuses on what is driving commercial and industrial real estate development in that region.

Southeast Texas Refined Magazine is distributed to over 300 locations in The Golden Triangle where it can picked up for free.

The website features over 15 articles each month, many covering breaking news that happens between editions of the printed version of the magazine.

Pickup locations for this premium Southeast Texas business to business magazine include:

  • Office towers in Beaumont and Port Arthur
  • General Contractor and subcontractor offices
  • Business hotels and restaurants in all four Southeast Texas counties
  • Banks and SETX credit unions
  • Title companies across the Golden Triangle
  • Southeast Texas hospitals and medical offices
  • Regional courthouses and SETX government offices

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The Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate website follows a similar format to the magazine with a few online enhancements that are very popular with clients.

  • Southeast Texas commercial real estate listings that did not make in time for the print deadline can be added online between print editions.
  • Longer versions of articles can be run online with additional photos and images.
  • Additional articles can be run online highlighting breaking news, hot new properties, or SETX commercial real estate listings that have undergone a price drop between print editions.
  • Testimonials for your business from others in the Southeast Texas commercial and industrial sector can be run online.
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO. You probably hear a lot about SEO. Essentially, done right, SEO makes it easy for your prospective clients to find you online – even when they have no idea who you are. If they are searching for what you do good SEO makes it easy to find you. The system offered by Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate really works. Try Google searches for industry terms like Southeast Texas Commercial Service Providers, Southeast Texas Commercial Closing, Southeast Texas Commercial title company, Southeast Texas Commercial Realtor testimonial, SETX Commercial Plumbing Company, and others and you’ll see that they are able to position their company in the top 5 for relevant searches, often multiple times. That’s SETX SEO done right!
  • Online Banner Ads – some of the best in Southeast Texas. You probably have banner ads running on different sites locally, regionally, and perhaps nationally. You might have noticed that sometimes your ad is there and other times it isn’t? Where does it go when it is not visible? Why does your banner ad disappear? Many online advertising platforms pull your ad down periodically so they don’t give you too many views!? Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate doesn’t do that. You’re expecting to see your banner ad on the site and you will – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate delivers “too many views” that is a problem that everyone can be happy with.

Click here for the Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate Facebook Page.

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Whether you’re a Southeast Texas Commercial Realtor, property developer, general contractor, property management firm, or if your company services the Southeast Texas commercial real estate and industrial sector, you’ve got a great advertising partner in Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate Magazine and

Schedule your SETX Advertising consultation to see how they can best assist you in continuing to grow your business.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature, Business to Business MarketingSoutheast Texas Commercial Real Estate Magazine.

You can effectively advertise your services Southeast Texas commercial real estate sector.

Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate Magazine will help – in print and online, 365 days a year.

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