Effectively Market to women in the Golden Triangle

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The Southeast Texas Family Magazine

Online at SETXFamily.com

More and more SETX advertisers are seeing the buying power of women in the market.

Women in Southeast Texas don’t just buy clothes, makeup, and salon services.

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In Southeast Texas, women make the BIG purchasing decisions – which SETX credit union to join, where and when to buy a home, and which Southeast Texas car dealership the family will lease a new vehicle from.SETX Advertising, SETX Advertising network, SETX Advertising social media, SETX Advertising Tips, SETX Advertising ideas, SETX Advertising SEO, SETX Advertising Search Engine Optimization, Advertising Jasper TX, Advertising Newton TX, advertising Kirbyville TX, advertising Woodville TX Advertising Beaumont TX, advertising Southeast Texas, SETX advertising, advertising Port Arthur TX, advertising Orange TX, advertising Lumberton TX, advertising Houston, advertising Houston area, advertising Houston region, advertising Houston Market, Print Advertising Beaumont TX, Print Advertising Southeast Texas, SETX Print Advertising, Print Advertising Port Arthur TX, Print Advertising Orange TX, Print Advertising Lumberton TX, Print Advertising Houston, Print Advertising Houston area, Print Advertising Houston region, Print Advertising Houston Market,

If you’re not actively targeting women with your advertising 12 months a year, you’re missing out on the lion’s share of retail business done
in Southeast Texas.

The good news is that you can effectively reach women in Southeast Texas with your marketing – and probably for less than you think.

  • The Southeast Texas Family Magazine has a format that appeals to women. First, the magazine is digest sized – or as many SETX moms say “it’s purse sized”. For working moms with a diaper bag in one hand and a brief case in the other, a big full sized magazine just isn’t practical. They can tuck the Southeast Texas Family Magazine in their purse and come back to it throughout the day or throughout the month as they go about their busy lives. Secondly, the content is all local and all focused on what a mom would be interested in for herself or for her family.
  • The Southeast Texas Family Magazine has a tremendous coverage area. One ad buy covers Jefferson County, Hardin County, Tyler County, and Orange County. Why buy four newspapers or ten billboards when you can reach women all across the same area with one (much cheaper) ad buy in The Southeast Texas Family Magazine?
  • The Southeast Texas Family Magazine is a great value. Ads range from $175/month to $595/month. With pricing like that, there’s no reason not to start advertising in The Southeast Texas Family Magazine.

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If you want to sell more new and pre-owned vehicles, single family homes, mortgages and home equity loans, and yes boutique marketing to women, marketing to women Texas, marketing to women Beaumont Tx, marketing to women Houstonclothing and salon services you want to target Golden Triangle women.

You can do it effectively and on budget (or under) in The Southeast Texas Family Magazine.

Call today for your complimentary Southeast Texas advertising consultation.

  • Daryl Fant, Publisher
  • SETXAdvertising@gmail.com
  • (512) 567-8068

SETX Advertising works to help match Southeast Texas advertisers with the marketing media that can help them effectively reach their core advertising demos.

We hope today’s Southeast Texas advertising article has been helpful.

Are you looking for more Southeast Texas advertising news, information, and inspiration?


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At SETX Advertising, we aim to keep your advertising ON TARGET.

We hope that you have enjoyed today’s feature, Marketing to Women in the Beaumont / Port Arthur Area.

You can effectively advertise your products, services, and events to women in Southeast Texas.

The Southeast Texas Family Magazine can help.

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