Golden Triangle Advertising Tips – Setting a Marketing Budget

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Marketing Guide – Setting an Advertising Budget

On today’s edition of Beaumont Marketing Tips, we look at how to set an advertising budget.

You can get a lot of help when you’re starting a new business.

Your Southeast Texas Commercial Realtor can help you determine a cost per square foot for a new building.

Your graphic design company can help you with a logo that you can use for your business cards, letterhead, and website.

Your IT professional can help you find the office equipment that will handle your workflow without breaking your budget.

It is hard, however, for most new businesses in Southeast Texas to figure out their advertising budget.

A good rule of thumb is that your advertising budget should be equal to your rent (or what the rent would be if you have purchased your office space).

If your office lease is $1000/month then your advertising budget would be $1000 per month.

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For many advertisers, writing what amounts to a 2nd rent check every month can be scary, but it is well documented that a wise advertising investment is critical to staying in business long-term.

As an experiment, take a ten minute drive around your part of Southeast Texas and look at businesses that have gone out of business? Where did you notice them advertising? Almost always you’ll find it hard to remember them advertising anywhere or you’ll find that they had over invested in dead media like the phone book or a daily newspaper.

Now notice the businesses that seem to be doing well  – where do you notice them advertising? Chances are you’ve seen them in a favorite magazine, noticed them online, or come across their marketing in other current media.

If it is tough for you to write a check for advertising (emotionally or financially), then you want to make sure the advertising is a wise INVESTMENT.

Contact SETX Advertising today and let us know who you’re trying to reach.

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We will help you find the best value for your budget and help you achieve the results you desire.

Did you know, no SETX Advertising customer has ever gone out of business while they were advertising with us?

In fact many have added locations or moved into a larger SETX commercial property.

SETX Advertising is here to help you with all of the areas you need to make your advertising in Southeast Texas successful.

  • Setting a reasonable Southeast Texas advertising budget. How much can I invest in educating the public about my business and to encourage them to try my goods or services?
  • Identifying your target advertising demo. Who is my customer? Women? Men? Families? Other businesses? Brides? Senior citizens? 
  • Reaching that target demo effectively while remaining on budgetIf I have a thousand dollars a month to invest in advertising, how can I make sure that money effectively hits my target audience and encourages them to use my business?

Call today for more information or to schedule your SETX Advertising consultation.

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We hope today’s edition of SETX Advertising Tips has been helpful for you.

Setting your Southeast Texas advertising budget can be tough – we hope this article has been helpful.

Do you need help finding advertising solutions that will help you reach your target audience within your budget? Give us a call any time: (512) 567-8068.

Are you looking for more insider insight on advertising in Southeast Texas?

Stay tuned to

Nobody brings you more Southeast Texas advertising tips, information, and insight.

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