Small Budget Advertising in Southeast Texas

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Small Budget Advertising in Southeast Texas

Can you effectively advertise with a small budget in Southeast Texas?

Let’s find out!

Today’s edition of SETX Advertising News should be ideal for local companies, particularly for new businesses who are facing a never ending list of unexpected startup costs.

One of the most frequent questions we receive is, “Can small budget advertising work in Southeast Texas?

You probably notice some Southeast Texas advertisers who do an excellent job of making sure potential clients small budget advertising in Beaumont Texassee them constantly – on TV, in magazines, on billboards, online, and on the radio.

This blanket Southeast Texas advertising approach is very successful. Most of the time it requires a budget in the tens of thousands of dollars each month (banks, car dealerships, credit unions) or even the hundreds of thousands (car manufacturers, casinos).

Unfortunately, many local business owners in Southeast Texas have budgets more like $500, $1000, or $2000 per month.

This means that most advertisers cannot and should not try to run on TV, billboards, radio, print, and online together.

Affordable Advertising Southeast Texas

We’ve all seen Southeast Texas businesses that seemed to be advertising everywhere and then were closed forever 90 days later. You have to effectively use the advertising budget you have rather than trying to emulate a much larger, more established company.

Can you have a successful small budget advertising campaign in Southeast Texas?

Absolutely.  Since this is such a popular question, we’ll address it regularly here on SETX Advertising News. We’ll try to deal with one or two issues that can help you in each article.

Our recommendation for this issue is:

Identify your target market. Who are you selling to? It doesn’t matter if you’re spending $50 a month or $50,000 per month if you aren’t reaching the right Southeast Texas advertising audience. If you don’t know your target market, call us to schedule a complimentary consultation and we will help you identify your demographic.

Affordable Advertising Beaumont Texas

Some big advertising media charge your for reaching EVERYBODY. Stay in budget by finding media that target only YOUR demo.

Below are some sample target markets, examples of advertisers who would do well to reach that audience, and a local Southeast Texas media platform that will help you reach each demo on a limited advertising budget.

Southeast Texas Women.

Women have become the primary decision makers for a number of Southeast Texas advertisers.advertising Southeast Texas, market to women Beaumont TX, SETX Advertising, SETX marketing, Facebook Advertising Beaumont TX

  • Women are the primary decision maker for over 50% of new car purchases from Southeast Texas auto dealerships
  • Women drive new credit union memberships in Southeast Texas and coordinate paperwork for home loans, car loans, and home improvement loans.
  • Women choose which Golden Triangle restaurants families dine out in together.
  • Women register children for Southeast Texas private schools.

Reach women on

This is a great value for Southeast Texas advertisers looking to reach women.

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Southeast Texas Senior Citizens. 

The 55+ demo is often called “The money demo”.SETX Seniors Magazine George T. Sanner WWII Era Veteran Hardin County Tx_Page_01

This group is attractive to Southeast Texas advertisers for their ability to buy large ticket items with cash:

  •  New and pre-owned vehicles
  • RVs
  • Golf carts
  • Vacation homes
  • Jewelry and art
  • Country club memberships
  • Vacations

Reach Southeast Texas seniors on

The online magazine and website combine to form the leading news and information resource for senior citizens in Jefferson County, Hardin County, Orange County, and Tyler County.

SETX Seniors provides over 300 local articles each year covering topics from Southeast Texas senior entertainment through home health and hospice care and everything in between.

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setx senior logo

Southeast Texas Brides –

Brides are coveted by Southeast Texas advertisers because they are committed to spending a large amount of money in a short period of Karry & Co wedding makeup Golden Triangletime.

Many Southeast Texas brides will spend $25,000 – $75,000 on their wedding and reception. The figure climbs further when you look at bachelorette parties, honeymoons, and sending her fiancee to pick up the ring she has already chosen from one of our fine Southeast Texas jewelry stores.

This SETX Advertising demo is desired by:

  • Southeast Texas caterers and restaurants
  • Golden Triangle event venues
  • SETX boutiques
  • Southeast Texas jewelry stores
  • Golden Triangle hotels & banquet halls
  • SETX bridal salons
  • Beauty shops
  • Makeup retailers and makeup artists
  • Southeast Texas shoe stores
  • Travel agencies, Honeymoon Registration, and Honeymoon Destinations
  • SETX Liquor stores
  • Limousine companies and car services serving the Golden Triangle
  • Florists & Floral Design
  • Medical Spas – Day Spas

Advertisers effectively reach Southeast Texas brides on


SETX Weddings is an online magazine for Southeast Texas brides with over 300 local articles each year highlighting Southeast Texas wedding vendors, trends, news, and information.

Savvy Southeast Texas advertisers utilize SETX Weddings as an online Southeast Texas bridal fair, available to brides 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Southeast Texas Businesses.

Southeast Texas advertisers love working with new businesses because newly opened companies need everything:Refined Magazine, SETX Refined Magazine, Southeast Texas Refined Magazine, SEO Beaumont, Search Engine Optimization Beaumont, advertising Southeast Texas, SETX Advertising, Port Arthur marketing, Port Arthur advertising,

  • Logo, business cards, and letterhead
  • Signs and banners
  • Company vehicles from big diesel pickups for contractors to high gas mileage compact cars for home health account reps or floral delivery
  • Bank accounts or credit union memberships, commercial loans, and lines of credit
  • Payroll services, Workers Comp insurance, and employee benefits
  • A recruitment agency
  • Catering for training, company parties, and client events

With new businesses the list of needs is long indeed.

Target new business in the new Refined Magazine/

One of the magazine’s primary targets remains servicing new business looking for commercial or industrial property in Southeast Texas.

In addition, the name change reflects the increased focus on Southeast Texas industrial expansion projects, SETX commercial development, and Golden Triangle living and lifestyles.

Targeting them in Refined Magazine and via their website gives you a chance to advertise to new businesses before anyone else even knows they are coming to our market.

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Southeast Texas Christian Families

The Golden Triangle is very much part of the Bible news Beaumont TX, Christian news Beaumont TX, church news Southeast Texas, Christian news Texas, Christian living Beaumont TX

Advertisers desire this demographic, but many SETX Christian families avoid questionable content on radio, TV, and even the newspaper.

You have to reach them on media they are comfortable with.

One excellent advertising resource for reaching Southeast Texas Christians is

SETX Church Guide is an online magazine for the Southeast Texas Christian news Beaumont TX, Christian news Beaumont TX, church news Southeast Texas, Christian news Texas, Christian living Beaumont TX

The popular site provides over 400 local articles each year highlighting:

  • Southeast Texas Christian events
  • Christian and family friendly entertainment,
  • Fellowship opportunities
  • Holiday worship times
  • Christian camps and Vacation Bible Schools
  • Local church ministries
  • Foreign missions opportunities.

Affordable ad rates put advertising on SETX Church Guide well in the comfort zone of small churches, Golden Triangle Christian schools, Southeast Texas Christian businesses, and more.

Ads include a custom page on their site, a banner ad on each page of SETX Church Guide, custom monthly articles, and social media marketing posts to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers.

SETX Church Guide, church news Port Arthur, Christian news Port Arthur, Church guide Orange TX, church recommendation Jasper TX, church recommendation Woodville TX,

Southeast Texans looking for restaurants, festivals, and entertainment.

In the Golden Triangle, we spend a large portion of our disposable income on dining out, entertaining ourselves and our families, and seeking Suga's Beaumont TX, Suga's jazz concert, Suga's live music Beaumont TX, Suga's jazz brunch Beaumont TX“fun”.

For some that means a great dinner at a Beaumont night club with live jazz.

For others that means finding a family friendly carnival or community event.

Others seek a great happy hour special for a get together with friends from work.

No site in Southeast Texas does a better job of reaching this demo for advertisers than

The site runs new articles every day of the year highlighting local restaurants and special events.

You can find wine tastings, road trip planning tips, Southeast Texas live music listings, and restaurant specials.

The sight is legendary for their Southeast Texas Search Engine Optimization dominating categories like:

  • Mother’s Day Restaurant Beaumont TX
  • Graduation Party Catering Nederland TX
  • Holiday Office Party Catering Southeast Texas
  • Mother’s Day Gift Beaumont TX
  • Father’s Day Gift Basket Southeast Texas

The Grill Beaumont TX, restaurant Beaumont West End, fine dining Beaumont TX, restaurant review Beaumont TX, restaurant recommendation Beaumont TX, caterer Beaumont TX


EatDrinkSETX Southeast Texas restaurant website

We hope our tips in each edition of SETX Advertising News will help you identify and implement an advertising strategy that works for your business.small budget advertising SETX

It is important for Southeast Texas businesses to advertise – it is also critical that you make sure those precious ad dollars reach your desired audience.

We hope today’s article has been a step in the right direction for helping find your Southeast Texas advertising strategy.

As you can see, identifying your Southeast Texas target market can help you find an advertising platform that can help you effectively reach your target demo within your target advertising budget.

If you are interested in advertising in any of the media we discussed today, let us know and we can help you get started:

Advertising Southeast Texas

You can advertise effectively in Southeast Texas, even with a tight budget.

SETX Advertising can help.

Stay tuned for upcoming editions of SETX Advertising News.

We’ll help you effectively reach your targeted audience in Southeast Texas and stay on budget.

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