Southeast Texas Advertising Tips: Use SETX Church Guide to Increase Business With Golden Triangle Churches

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SETX Church Guide Offers a Christian Advertising Medium for the Golden Triangle

SETX Church Guide offers over 300 local articles each year for the Golden Triangle Christian Community.

Today’s edition of Southeast Texas Advertising Tips is for vendors looking to increase the volume of business they do with Southeast Texas churches.

SETX churches are a desirable target audience for many types of businesses:church contractors Southeast Texas

  • SETX alarm and security companies
  • Southeast Texas Commercial insurance agencies
  • Golden Triangle Residential and Commercial Realtors (many churches own not only their own campuses but pastoral housing, offsite locations for halfway houses and soup kitchens, and some even own Southeast Texas apartment complexes).
  • SETX Commercial Sign companies
  • Southeast Texas plumbers
  • AC Companies
  • Southeast Texas Sewer and Septic contractors
  • Printing Companies and banner makers. Southeast Texas churches print flyers, business cards, church bulletins, and lots of banners to promote upcoming special events.

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What does your business do? Would Southeast Texas churches be desirable clients?

If so, SETX Church Guide can help.

Their Southeast Texas advertisers receive a great assortment of marketing elements each month:

  • Eye catching online banner ads that are ALWAYS active. Your company may already be doing some online advertising. Is your banner ad up where your potential clients can see it 24 hours a day? If not, why not? Many Southeast Texas advertising sites rotate banners up and down throughout the day. Why? They are trying to make sure they don’t deliver more advertising impressions than you’re paying for. That is not how SETX Church Guide works. They keep your online banner ad up and running 24/7. You never know when your next great customer will be online – SETX Church Guide makes sure they see your ad all day every day.
  • Monthly custom marketing articles promoting YOUR business. Each month, SETX Church Guide promotes custom articles telling about the uniqueness of your product or services. Over time, these articles ensure that your business is top of mind with the Southeast Texas church vendors Beaumont Tx
  • Social Posts each month on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We look at A LOT of Southeast Texas businesses social media activity. Most businesses start strong, but fade quickly. Some haven’t posted since 2013 or 2014. They just don’t have time to focus on social media. SETX Church Guide posts for their clients each month. You can effectively promote your business on social media in Southeast Texas. SETX Church Guide can help.
  • The best SEO services in Southeast Texas. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Many Southeast Texas advertising media say they offer SEO, but only a handful really deliver. SETX Church Guide is one of the best. Their clients are EASY to find online. Try searches on Google or your favorite search engine for terms like Southeast Texas church landscaping, Southeast Texas church sign company, Southeast Texas church vendor, or Southeast Texas VBS t-shirts and you’ll see that their clients dominate their preferred search categories on Google and the other search engines. SEO does exist in Southeast Texas – and you can achieve it through SETX Church Guide.

church contractors Beaumont Tx

If you are a Southeast Texas church vendor if you see SETX churches as an area where you can significantly grow your business, SETX Church Guide is a wonderful resource.

Call today to schedule your Southeast Texas advertising consultation today.

  • Daryl Fant. Publisher, SETX Church Guide
  • (512) 567-8068

We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature, Advertising for Southeast Texas Churches and Christian Businesses SETX Church Guide offers over 300 local articles each year for the Golden Triangle Christian Community.

You can effectively advertise to the Southeast Texas Church Community.

SETX Church Guide can help.

church contractors Southeast Texas

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